Saloon modelling.
Arch modelling. French.
Saloon almonds. NEW!
Self-master. NEW!
Stiletto. Internal design.
"Pipe", decorative french.
"One nail - full creative look". NEW!
Manicure (hardware, classical or combined).
Gel polish. Perfect covering.
Gel polish. French. NEW!
Painting - saloon design.
Painting. One stroke. NEW!
Express design on tips.
Aerographics. NEW!
Poster. The image - the fantasy.
Poster. The image - romantic.
Poster. The image - the magazine cover.
Poster. "One nail - full creative look".
Poster. Pedicure.
Poster. Manicure.
Poster. Creative modelling. Close up. NEW!
Poster. Saloon modelling. Close up. NEW!

Tipbox. Painting. Museums of the world.
Tipbox. Painting. Gel paint.
Tipbox. Painting. Art paints.
Tipbox. Painting. Monochrome. NEW!
Tipbox. One stroke.
Tipbox. Painting. Watercolor technique.
Tipbox. Exactly (1 tips).
Tipbox. Design on pedicure tips.
Tipbox. Mix of the techniques.
Tipbox. Incrustation.
Tipbox. Aerographics.
Tipbox. Moulding.

Freestyle. Jewellery.
Freestyle. Aerographics.
Freestyle. Fantasy hand.
Freestyle. Statuette. NEW!

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